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The Total Contact Saddle is designed to give you the closest possible contact with your horse whilst keeping the security of stirrups. The minimalist design strips away unnecessary padding, tree, cantle and pommel to deliver direct communication between horse and rider. The rider can now really feel the horse – often for the first time – and, as importantly, the horse can feel the rider.

Less saddle, more contact

The Total Contact Saddle (TCS) is a treeless saddle that wraps around the horse. It fits the shape of the horse - all year, in all conditions, all breeds and all conformations.

For the first time, one saddle really does fit all shapes and sizes!

The TCS concept

Miles of happy riding for horse and rider

The saddle, for most riders, is the connection between them and their horse. However, in many cases, tree'd and many treeless saddles are a 'barrier' to the communication between the horse and the rider - the rider sits above the horse in most cases and so is not connected to it. With enhanced rapport between the horse and rider it’s possible to ride with minimum effort and aids, to understand how the horse is reacting and for the horse to understand the rider more. Most clients report their horse goes better in the TCS, is more responsive, is more relaxed, moves easier through their shoulder as they feel their horse breath, sigh, the back work and flex and really start to enjoy their horse.

  • Incredible connection

  • Brilliantly comfortable

  • Improved movement

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  • A unified riding experience

    Placing you and your horse in total contact with each other, the Total Contact Saddle creates a unified riding experience and bond that allows greater connection. For the first time, you'll be able to feel your horse breathe, feel its muscles move, and have a connection that enables you to move together. Of course, your horse will be able to feel you too - you can expect a more responsive and intuitive ride with a stronger bond between you both than before.

  • For horses & riders

    The Total Contact Saddle has been purchased by clients in over 16 countries worldwide, and it's being used on a very wide range of breeds, shapes and sizes. The TCS is being used in many disciplines including trail riding, endurance riding, jumping, cross country, horseback archery and hacking. It fits all horses all year round as they change shape, with only simple padding solution checks needed by you. So, it saves you money, your horse will love it and it will make your whole riding experience a better one.

About Us

Hello! I'm Lisa. I run Total Contact Equine Solutions from my home in Kent. I have two horses; Bug and Amber, and have ridden in the TCS for 11 years.

About Us